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Promotion  & Marketing 

Western Pacific Production has recently opened PR & Marketing sevices in entertainment industry.  We provide services and solutions on all platforms of media, from print to electronic. The company also has the propensity to create and produce content in all entertainment platforms, from live ground events to television and cinema.


Our knowledge based media relations approach gives us huge competitive edge in the industry with exceptional media pitching success rate for our clients. We design our PR services based on very strong strategic approach along with a comprehensive media research to support any level of marketing programs of our clients. 


     We have a dynamic group of media planners specializing in creative

     media solutions. Our primary focus for our clients is that our business objectives are

     met from creative concepts to there execution.

     We capitalized on the momentum and energy to produce tangible results  

     beyond the event. Over the years we have built a strong relation in the market.

     We are proud to be associated with many companies


Film promotion


  • Electronic media promotion : Television & radio promotion


  • Outdoor media promotion    :  A) Hoarding

  •                                                           B) Bus-promo

  •                                                           C) Bus-shelter

  •                                                           D) Theatre

  •                                                           E) Metro & Local train.

  •                                                           F) DSN Network


  • Social Media Promotion         :   A)  YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+


  • Print media promotion           :   Local Newspaper & National Newspaper



Brand promotion


  • Electronic media promotion :  Television & radio promotion

  • Outdoor media promotion    :  A) Hoarding

  •                                                           B) Bus-promo

  •                                                           C) Bus-shelter

  •                                                           D) Theatre

  •                                                           E) Metro & Local train.


  • Social Media Promotion        :   A) YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+


  • Print media promotion          : Newspapers



              Investment plan:- Investment plan of major wealth management companies for your investor  and financers.

Music Industry Promotion & Marketing of music album on all mediums and digital platforms. 


                Film Distribution:-  We pitch your films to our database of reputed film corporate companies and film  distribution for sale.  


                      MAJOR TIE-UP:-    We  are ready to have your company tie-ups with entertainment companies & corporate  companies in Mumbai for your films and products.




  1. We are specialist in Full Media promotion , Brand promotion ,  Corporate events. Considering the job on assignment basis.

  2.  We may emphasize that all services undertaken by us at a very reasonable rate.

  3. We request you to forward all the requirements of your entertainment work to enable us to take up the complete management services/PR & Execute very neatly to your satisfaction. We assure you regarding the services with full guarantee and minimum charges.



We are into entertainment sector and handle clients of various categories of entertainment sector.


We get clients mainly who are film producers and film directors whose films we pitch directly to our set of investors and buyers and individual film distributers.


We get our clients mainly due the nature of business we follow and also we are into following other ventures like media promotion ,Finance and event management .


We are sure that as a corporate company your company would be of great value to us and our client base.


We get clients of various categories like:


1 )   Film producers whose films are for outright sale and distribution

2 )   Film directors who are ready with there tentative film proposals with proper budget and recovery format.

3 )   Film with big star-cast.

4 )   Films with good concept and stories [ script level ]

5 )   Film producers / directors  who want to get there film distributed territory wise or as per pan India clients.

6 )   Film producers / directors who want to get the film marketed properly on all media platforms.

7 )   Film proposals which are in need of funds.

8 )   Media promotion clients for films.



Please note :-  We are associating with companies due to changing time and surroundings in media and entertainment sector.


Our Company is working hard to have very good working relationship at international level in Future.



For further assistance on your queries regarding PR & Marketing, Drop your query mail on contact page.




                                                     Thanks and Regards

                                                    Western Pacific Production

                                                    PR & Marketing Department.  

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