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Fund Instruction

Each reader go through the entire topic seriously and carefully.


Each Talented film maker have a question for funds before they move on the board.

How to fix a finance or fund for dream project or startup to enter into real film market?

Many film makers do not have a proper source; which reaches to real funder and market investors, and after lot of efforts finally they work as a lost nameless labor or assistance for big shot makers and lost their identity even in iconic project. The reason they are unable to find a real funder is bad circle and wrong people, scam talks which are time wasting, and security or guarantee of funds. Many time’s; it’s also comes with a rejection points like; Missing of Big level Talent, lack of Big shot studio or Corporate backup for production and release, USP of production company or company work history, sometimes private investors charge with high ROI (Rate of Interest) and sometimes trust issues and insecurity also. Where real film makers always get beaten and turns slowly toward depression and sinking their time and future in black abyss.


Potential film makers, Writers, Director and the setup holder Production company is always seeking fund for their concepts, to show their real vision of hidden talent and still they have next master mind revenue generative and history making concepts and project; which is yet to come in market. It just needs a one little push to grow, where many insecure industry people have already their eye on stopping those real film makers to grow for securing their own future, which is not exactly true. Its only fear we spread inside due to lack of confidence.


Anyways we have some good news and opportunity for your, fund and their guidelines are follows.

These funders don’t need your mortgage or property as a guarantee for their investment, but they expect the good profit share. Good means not a high-level percentage but what if your film is making 100 Million profit in International level rather than 5 Million.


Our Funder are just true concept pickers and subject seeker around the world, and that’s why we are connected with those financiers, we are already working with such people who are good people, they understand the reality behind the industry and also, they can judge your personal life connected to you own concept. These funds are only for Indian and mentioned nationality Films makers, Our Funder already have bunches of film makers around the world and we are operating from India for South Asia.


Who are the Funders?

There is no specific one person or any company behind the funding concept but the entire group of investors from NFB, AFM, CFM, CMF, CIFVF, TC; Etc, so it’s a lobby who are working as a producer and investors since 1980 in North America, America and Western Europe. Many People behind this concept are belonging to American, Canadian and European Association, and Commission.



What we need for your application?

Each and every single document is mandatory and why it is mandatory review which is explained following because funder also need their funds safety that the fund will be invest on potential project only. Funder doesn’t get convince by only project file, they need all the details which proves you genuine film maker and you will return the investment and profit share with full of respect and trust, once you prove them you are real film maker they will open their door with more credibility for future.



Checklist for Fund Application.


  • Company Establishment Certificate (INC – Pvt. Ltd, LLP, LLC) If you have Firm so its reduce your 60% chances for approval, but yes if your concept is off-bit and profitable, we can adjoin any of our Corporate company with your firm.

(The agreement will be sign with the production company not with the person, because funds will be providing only in the basis of your project file and accuracy of technical aspect with evidence.)


  • Full Film Project File.

containing Synopsis, Brief Story in Max 4 Pages, Major and Minor Talent with their Pictures, Crew on Board, Full International Budget Plan, and Revenue Plan.

(We are providing fund only in basis of your concept it must be full of convenient points that after release we may not face losses, and only international concept will be chosen)


  • Film name or title registration should be registered under the same company with national film producer association or club or commission.

(To See Film development is serious and surely will take place)


  • Distribution plan (If Available)

(How much you have idea about the film distribution? if you do not have distribution plan we do have entire lobby around the world to distribute the film, how many tickets you can sell in weekend, and in rest of day in week these files will present your idea and plan of business so that you will be able to return the investment and share the profit)


  • Marketing Plan (If Available)

(How much you have idea about the film international Marketing? if you do not have Marketing plan Obviously we do have entire lobby, but we need to see how you can bring the audience in theater, you may not depend on the luck god doesn’t make movies, we make so we are only responsible for promote the film and bring the audience which is depend on your quality of master print)


  • Contract with writer and director including them prove of membership in Writers and Director Association. Prove of Producer’s membership in Any National Association.

(If Producer Himself is a Writer and Director so must explain on his letterhead including his prove of Director Association, Writer Association and Producer Association. We need to see that subject and people behind him are not scam or stolen from any struggling poor writer)


  • Company Profile and history. (If company is news so must show their future vision and business plans)

(To See your company or firm is Potential and is Eligible for proposed production or not.)


  • Company’s or Firm’s Income Tax Return of 3 Years.

(That the company or firm is a genuine tax payer, minimum three years is require to track the history and there would be no future problem on taxations and other pending duties by Income or other tax by government, if firm so personal IT-Return shall provide.)


  • Company’s or Firm’s Permanent Account Number Card Copy (PAN)

(To verify your taxes are really paid or not.)


  • Deserved or finalized Directors Profile and his Association Membership Prove.

(To verify your director is a proper member of film industry and he knows the association rules, and also see his past knowledge about the film making)


  • Company’s office Address Prove if on rent. If office is owned so tax copy.

(Due to Lot of Scam many people run away after obtaining the funds, and the office address changes or closed down, If your project approved and fund transferred to your escrow medium, you should be in track from us until the project complete and release in the market)


  • Company owner’s/founder’s KYC including Residential prove (Current and Permanent applicable for all directors – Passport is Must, self if Firm Passport is Must)

(Due to lot of scams and false files we have already lost our investors funds and our reputation, and we were not able to find them on the given address, we must be sure that the funding managements should be on proper way, without any fraudulent documents and avoiding such explained scam)


  • Company bank statement of 6 months, personal if Firm.

(To verify your banking usage and transactions are clear and there is no minus or suspected debt on the account, also there are many fraudulent wire transfer scams around the world where we may face issues after funding, this type of fraudulent wire transfer may get strike off the company in future, and we are only funding on basis of concept in respect with the company trusting your eligibility through documents, we also need to see if you have any installments or loan which may impact on our funds, if any installments or loans so must mention on your application letter.)


  • One Letter for application on your company’s letterhead, which must include your office address, E-mail, Personal number, Office Telephone, Website, must be signed with company seal or stamp. (Signature of all company directors and partners)

(Letter shall mention that requesting for the funds in subject, the formal letter you may download from the download button, Letter is mandatory for minor inspection of your company)



Keep in Mind.

  • a) Acceptable languages are English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi and Gujarati.


  • b) Acceptable genre Action, Adventure, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family Fantasy, History, Horror, Musical, Mistry, Romance, Sci-fi, Sport, Thriller, War, Western.


  • c) Unacceptable genre and categories are Documentary, Short films, Political biography, Telefilms, Web or OTT series, Commercials or Advertisements, Brands Films, XXX Porn, Porn Series, Porn Documentary, Porn Parody, Porn History, Porn Biography, Music Videos.


  • d) Profit share will be deciding according to the investment ratio, and also it depends on your distribution and marketing plan. Once you project will sort we will mention you the profit share ratio.



  • e) Your shooting location can be anywhere around the world here is no restriction about the locations, we just expect best to best output and best to best revenue, if you have any of the foreign locations in the script for such information Western Pacific Production will provide you the entire foreign production services around the world as they have direct access with foreign Film Association and Film Commissions.


  • f) You can give chance to any better performer or theater actor, or new actor or actress, which may never disappoint the point of presentation of leading visionary director. We do not demand for major talent from market if his or she is not fit for leading role, A director can appoint any of the good performer in the leading role but this fresh talent can be only sale in English language, so the parameter will be no national or regional language but it is compulsory to change the product to English language so that our distribution lobby may take interest in western and European release.



  • g) Our funders will terminate the submission or contract in pre-stage, production stage or in post stage, if any of the production company’s any one of team member charging any amount from any crew member or from any actor to launch them on screen. If found we will file the case against the entire company through the Producer Guild of India and other author union association present in India.


  • h) Our Funders may Suspend or terminate the contract with production company or any of the crew member will be kick out from the entire production team, if any of the crew member from the technical or performing team from production company or its department is trafficking with any of the leading or any junior actress or any other department female for sexual harassments, if any such cases found the funding company will directly file the case on judiciary court against the entire production company for such casting couch.


  • i) All the documents and details must be true and correct, if fraudulent or found forge so the application will be denied or refuse for your funding request.


  • j) If anybody is charging any amount or fees for this funding submission, the applicant must write the mail and inform us by call to our Management Company Western Pacific Production Pyt Ltd.


  • k) There is not limit of the funding, the funding is depending on your project file which will provide you 50% to 95% of the funding.


  • l) The Review time is official 90 days as we are getting 100s of projects everyday around the world, also we need little time to verify your documentary details are valid or not.


  • m) Anyone of the file must not be missing, if any single file is missing from the checklist we will refuse you application.


  • n) If your production and project nationality belong to India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan such files will only will be submitted to our Indian Management Company Western Pacific Production Pyt Ltd.


  • o) Director Writer and Producer, anyone of these three technicians must not be minor than 21 years.


  • p) Direct submissions from NFB, AFM, CFM, CIFVF, TC will not be accepted and will be refuse. Only the submission through Western Pacific Production Pyt Ltd will be Accept.


  • q) If your concept will be refusing, you will be informed by Western Pacific Production Pyt Ltd, if your Concept will sort so prior communication will be held by Western Pacific Productions Author and then the members of the funding group will coordinate directly with the production company for further next process.


  • r) Only three projects can be submitting by one production company, means the company cannot submit more than three project funding requests.


  • s) If the production company required any of the American, Australian, Canadian European or British Talent or Crew, kindly ask Western Pacific production if it is really necessary for production or not.



  • t) Your story should be registered from the national writer’s association, while verification it found non-registered; so, the application will be refused.


  • u) The Story must not be copied or remake from any version in any language around the world, the subject and concept must be fresh and new.


If you are ready with entire conditions and still seeking the genuine funds in your talent and skill basis so kindly mail your entire details in single at

The Funders have produced and invested on following movies around the world. 

Download Request Letter
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