Western Pacific Production Pvt. Ltd. is into film and television series production, international production, crew execution and international distribution as well, its single roof platform company for multiple services around the world. 


Western Pacific Production was established in 2009 as a Firm by

Western India Film Producer Association REG: 16121. In 2015 Western Pacific Production has Established as Company by ROC. The Board of Directors for company are Prashant Passy Pilley and Farin Shaikh Pilley. The Founder of company Prashant Passy Pilley who is well known technician for Hollywood TV Series Supernatural 7 as a second unit director and Transformer 3: The Dark of the moon as a Visual effect researcher.


Western Pacific Production Pvt Ltd has a sub-category businesses like International Production and International Crew Management, Web and UFO Distribution,  International Promotion and Marketing Platform, Production Management, Line & Co-Production, Writing & Direction Facilities, Etc. and Related to the other Film Making and Film Production services. 



Western Pacific Production Pvt Ltd's first individual project was "Grast"  in 2011, it was Marathi Language short film, 35 min of duration, it was also made on zero Budget. Director Prashant Passy Pilley shot the film with fresh talents and at the real haunted location at Parbhani District in Maharashtra State. The short film was nominated for 3 awards for Direction, Story & Screenplay and Production designing, she was selected at Rhode Island Short Film Fest in 2011-12. 

The film released on Ghana in 8 august 2012 via LTV Ghana.


The Founder Mr. Prashant Passy Pilley is well experienced as technician in several projects like Mausam, Seeta Aur Geeta TV Series, Nick Swardson's Pretend Time, VHS 2012, Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, Supernatural 7, Shudra The Rising, Agent Vinod, Grast.



WESTERN PACIFIC PRODUCTION PVT LTD. is a fully linked grated, broad-based entertainment service providing company and working with one of the global leaders in the distribution, production, licensing and marketing of all categories of entertainment Majorly from USA and India and their under related businesses around the world as well.



A Western Pacific Production Company, the fully integrated for film making world and stands at the forefront of every aspect of the entertainment industry from commercial feature films, home entertainment production and worldwide distribution to Blu-ray, digital distribution, animation, video games, product and brand licensing, and broadcasting platform and OTT Platform. The company’s Vast network is one of the most prestigious and valuable in the world, consists of reputed Indo-American, Bollywood and Regional and Hollywood film industry.                                                                                                                            


Western Pacific Production and Other supporting leading corporate from Bollywood, Tollywood and Hollywood since 2013, coordinates its development, production, marketing, distribution and business affairs activities with Western pacific Production to maximize film performance and operating efficiencies.


Western Pacific production is an innovative leader in developing new business models for the evolving theatrical landscape in near future.


Western Pacific Production planning its strategic expansion into digital production and distribution with the launch of several advertiser-supported entertainment destinations, including the www.westernpacificproduction.com a premium, video-on-demand interactive and personalized network, a premium destination built around youth-oriented immersive entertainment and freshly developed 360 VR. 


Western pacific Animation freshly on the way and speedy standing one of the leading producers of visual effects in the entertainment industry from Hollywood, Bollywood and European film industry, with an innovative and talent-rich roster boasting some of the most accomplished multi expertise writers, producers, supervisors and artists are joining us today.


With a global network of offices and agents in key regions throughout the world, including North America, Latin America, Asia and Europe, WPP maintains an ongoing commitment to expand and build the power of its core brands’ recognition in the international marketplace through strong and creative merchandising, promotional marketing and retail programs.


Services: - In addition, Western Pacific Production Service Facilities is responsible for managing the Locations, Line Production, Co-Productions, Tax and Rebates, Distribution in the U.S.A, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, NEPAL, UK, EUROPE and INDIA —Western pacific Production provides the Line Production facility that has been the production site of many highly acclaimed from networked co-ventures from European cinema industry.


PR and Promotions: - When you need an advertising medium that’s cost – effective and long lasting, and that gives you the necessary reach and the frequency, think of the medium which may help you to find out the solution.


Our array of services hoardings include Railway boards, Railway panels, Transfer stickers, Cinema slides, Promos, full train, Bus panels, Full Bus painting, Mobile sign truck, Kiosks, Traffic Booth, Toll Naka, Gantry, Vinyl and TV Advertising spread across the length and breadth of Mumbai will help you run targeted campaigns in consumer populated areas. And all at a fraction of cost it takes to make your presence felt in newspapers or on TV.


We have grown immensely and recognized as a foremost service provider in this mode of operation because of our persistent hard work, commitment and sincerity. Carrying these principles forward since our inception, today we are planning to extend our business to other parts of World.


We are connected to Worlds most Effective PR Companies and their seniors which may help clients and helps to brand their product and its value. We have network in U.S.A, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand regions and India too.


The service will be providing as per the budget of the client and their area of focus; as per their product demands along with located visitors acquire areas.


Satellite and Theater Branding: - Western Pacific Production Pvt Ltd is helpful to brand and promote you’re containing with the help of theatrical advertisement, OTT Platform and channel (satellite) Advertisement. Western Pacific is fulfilling with the network of all India channel.


Our PR team will take good care of your product and its image branding. Recently our team members are planning to gross the Satellite and Theater branding in worldwide level, so that the client no need to find any solution in other country.