Western Pacific Production Pvt Ltd Team

Founder & President of the Company
Mr. Prashant Passy Pilley
Co-Founder & Fashion Designer
Mrs. Farin Shaikh Pilley
Business Head, USA Management
(Hollywood Producer, Executive)
Mr. Carlo Irwin
Business Head and USA Finance Management (Producer)
Mr. Swante'e Mccoy

SHAWNTE’E MCCOY has had a ten year career in the entertainment industry. He started promoting comedy 

shows and concerts on the campus of Eastern Michigan University. Booking national comedians such as 

D’milatant, BoBo Lamb, T.K. Kirkland, D Ray and Shawni D. Shawnte’e also worked with musical artists such as 

the Roots, Mystical, Ja Rule, Anita Baker and 3 Six Mafia.

Shawnte’e started out as a production Assistant, and then moving to personal assistant for Wesley Snipes. 

Shawnte’e became location manager for many independent films such as “Death of a Scorpion”. After 

Shawnte’e proved himself he moved on to work as the first assistant director on the film Envy and also was an 

associate producer which can be found on IMDB.

Along with his many contacts with known talent and directors, Shawnte'e has many contacts with distribution 

which will enable us to acquire a distribution deal while still in pre-production.  In addition, Shawnte'e is a partner 

with Andri Distribution Company in Beverly Hills, California.


He also got his start in music. Managing artists Such as Big Gov, and Yonni. Also working with national artist 

such as AZ, Nas and Ray J. Shawnte’e has also worked on local commercials such as Gardner White and Mr. 

Alan’s. Educated at Eastern Michigan University holding a degree in criminal justices and has moved on to 

producing and he resides in Michigan with his wife and children.

Presently, Shawnte'e is VP in charge of production for Atomic Hollywood Productions, LLC where he is proving 

to be a valuable member with his contacts to distribution, talent and directors.

Carlo Irwin started out his journey in life by spending several years in the military.  Then he 

left the military to venture into the business world.  After several successful years in sales, 

administration management and organization with such corporations as "New York Life",  

American Photocopy and Victor Calculators,  Carlo Irwin turned his attention to the wonderful 

world of entertainment.

Carlo made his introduction as an actor on "General Hospital" and the "Tonight Show" with 

Johnny Carson as well as several appearances on various feature films and television shows.  

He has worked with such legends as Robert Mitchum, Dick Van Dyke, Jackie Gleason, Angie 

Dickinson and Barbara Eden.  Carlo worked for a week with the king of them all, Marlon 

Brando, on a film called "The Formula."  Then the highlight of his career came as he was the 

last actor to work with John Wayne in a short film for the U.S. Navy called, "Home For The 

Seabees."  It was just Carlo and the Duke himself in the shoot at Port  Hueneme.  In between 

takes, they would go to the Duke's trailer and play Gin.  

The next step was to segue to film production.  First a stint as a location assistant on "Streets 


San Francisco" and then as a First Assistant Director, Unit Production Manager and Associate 

Producer on such independent films as "War Cat", "Forever", "Warpath" and “The 


Because of his background in organization and management, Carlo had no trouble becoming 

intimately familiar with all aspects of film production.  He has worked, at one time or another, 

most of the various crew positions while filming the independent features as well as post 


As he was adept at taking a script and breaking it down to accomplish the budget and 

schedule of principal photography for many independent features, he was instrumental in 

saving the producers 

time and money.

Carlo then formed the Padula Production Group to write and rewrite scripts as well as 


and schedules for independent writers and producers.  Recently Carlo has expanded the 

operation to include the production of the inventory of scripts he has acquired under the 

banner of  Productions, LLC.  Carlo presently has five film projects in development including 

“The Legend Of Sam Bass – Outlaw,” “Lost Vegas,” a gangster comedy,  “The Ingenious 

Adventure Of Benjamin Gale,” a Home Alone type family show, “Dog House Blues,” story 

of a country-western singer, a boy and a dawg.  And finally, for all the horror fans, 

“Frankenstar;” A rock star gets depressed and kills himself but a mad scientist brings him 

back to life and back on the stage where things go horribly wrong.  In addition to all of these 

productions, Carlo has another 15 projects in his inventory; a little something for everyone. 

Carlo still does the occasional acting stint.  Recently he appeared in the highly acclaimed, 

independent film, “The Man From Reno.”  It has shown all over the U.S. and also in Tokyo.  It 

was nominated for the John Casaventes Award on the Independent Spirit Awards. 

For further information, you are invited to view Carlo on Contact Page

Farin Shaikh Pilley, is a Fashion Designer as well as Co-founder of the company. Currently completing the Fashion Technology in Pune, and handling her company affiliates from Mumbai. 

Business Executive,
Mr. Kaushal Yadav

Kaushal Kumar Yadav was in Finances and

trades at Delhi in 2010, and then joint a business module in Mumbai with some reputed production companies as a foreign affairs in 2014, he is well experiences in line production in India and around the world.

Now he is taking care of affairs of Western Pacific Production pvt ltd as a Foreign Business Execution to line up the foreign projects in India and Indian cinema around the world.

Business Head and Line Producer
Mr. Rick Calhoun

Rick Calhoun is a dedicated professional with 20+ years experience planning and

directing executive level operations to CEOs, Directors, Producers and Executive 

Management.  Rick Calhoun's strong skills in planning, research, organization and 

communication have created an ability to independently direct high-level operations 

from acquisition to start up to completion.  His previous projects include Entertainment 

Consultant to the $500M City of Sparks, Nevada Marina Development Project, the 

televised South Beach Concert Series, Entertainment Pavilion Director for Mono County 

Resorts at Mammoth Mountain and serving as the Marina Performing Arts Director.  In 

addition, not only has Rick had several years experience as a musician but now is an 

experience music producer.  Recently, Rick was appointed as Vice President, in charge 

of new projects at Atomic Hollywood Productions, LLC.  He will be an integral part of 

the team as Atomic Hollywood Productions, LLC acquires funding for a large slate of 

feature films, TV series and TV movie of the week.

Head of Italian Line Production Management, Chief Assistant Director
Mr. Stefano Pratesi

Stefeno Pratesi is an indipendante Director and Screenwriter in Italy, He is working under instruction of Western Pacific Production Since 2013 as cinematographer and Assistant Director. He is a reputed and creative commercial film maker in Italian Film Industry. He bears the great knowledge of Camera and Electrical stuff as well as great creativity of lighting. He is experienced in Many Italian TV shows and film in cinematography and as an individual director. He operates all coproduction stuffs for all hollywood film makers and the people who are willing to shoot in Itally. 

Producer Writer In Atomic Hollywood Production LLC & Spirit Rider Production
Mr. Brian Vaughan
AKDS Associates
Financial and Banking Expert
Mr. Ashok Kumar Pandey
Associate and Assistant Director
Mr. Yash Chauhan 
Casting Head & Assistant Director
Mr. Sandeep Samarnath Yadav

This EXCELLENT TECHNICAL team forms and runs Western Pacific Production Pvt Ltd, This talented people accross india are working hard for their responsible work and its business by their experiences mind and work. Our team is one of the best team in India whose operating verious services on world under one roof of the company

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