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We can see the beauty of scenes in many films and music videos. Location makes the film screenplay more appropriate as per the scene requirement, it can be in natural, freeze, desert, hills, sea and oceans or the grand luxurious hotels, Monuments or historical places, underwater or the top of the hills. its all depend on your writers expectation and directors vision, also it depend on budget. you can also enhance your scene in set edition through a proper VFX keying, but it doesn't seems natural in compare to natural shoot as experts notes . 


Seeking location and production Services in India?

In India we have many locations, all it depend on you script and narration of scene, We have all kind of locations and shooting services in entire India with production facilities and permits. Few Province have Subsidy or rebates available (T&C APPLICABLE) and few not.  



Seeking Location and Production Services in Abroad? 

if you are seeking location or planning to shoot in other country; so Western Pacific Production will help you to find the right location in any country as well as our crew are already available for showing you the hidden beauty for your project; which can enhance your scenes and thereby beautify attractive output. Each Country have specific speciality and environment which may make more testy your dish. working with international crew gives you outstanding outcome beyond expectations on your project.  


Where to shoot?  

The Hidden beautiful locations are available in Entire world, its may also available near your own location, Visiting on Destiny Land which is depend on budget of the Feature Films, Music Video or Commercials by prospective of director or producer where they want to shoot. Accommodation, lodging, meal, visa and traveling arrangements will be guided and coordinate to the production company from our team and our line production company of chosen country. Few countries have cash rebates or co-production subsidy for your project which is also depending on conditioned minimum investment on their country. all guide -line will be provide to production company according to their requirement. 


Border Protection!

For shooting in abroad proper documentation will be verify by Western Pacific Experts and Line Production Company of chosen country, for preventing illegal immigrations and border protection. If any of the activities or fraudulent documents or listed technicians will be found on team, Western Pacific will directly file the FIR against the Production company and its doubtful authors in border protection and immigration department. 

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