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The Maple Tale 2020

A Confused Killer, The Movie Poster

The Maple Tale is a feature film by Harsh Mohan Mishra, producing by Prashant Passy Pilley and Famous dress Director Kirti Rathore, producing under Western Pacific Production Pvt Ltd and Kirti Rathore Entertainment.

A Story revolve in the hidden mysterious Maple forest where new creature is rising his new era.

Presents by - Western Pacific Production Pvt Ltd

Produced by - Kirti Rathore, Prashant Passy Pilley

Director -Harsh Mohan Mishra

Line Production - Jeremy Campbell (Totopoca Films), Christopher Giroux  (Red and White Pictures)

Story & writings - Harsh Mohan Mishra

DOP - Andrew Conder

OST By - Marinho Nobre

Editor - Rob Baumgarten

Stunts - John Smith

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