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Western Pacific Production is having Great network around the world. If you are looking for a good technicians in any position or department for your project that your output may turn into more qualified and professional way for best final result, so we are here to help you. 

We have all ideas about your prospects; which demands the way of perfection. We have excellent film technicians in our personal and professional datebase with their managers and themselves at India and in other countries too. Hiring international Technical department  or technician is depend on the budget of the film and the experience of the technician, it also depend on the technician is working through union or non-union. 


Western Pacific Productions Team will fix the technician in low to low cost for your cost cutting according to your deserved budget. If you are hiring international technician so production company have to  provide the visa, traveling expense, laundry services, fooding and accommodation services to the technician and will also have to sign the necessary notarized contract. 


If your company is not pvt. ltd and working as a firm then ask Western Pacific Team to arrange all the required arrangements. Hiring company may contact business head of our company on contact page. 

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