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Western Pacific Production, is connected with world’s leading distribution studios. We have successfully deal Hollywood cinema into Indian Territories and Australian and Chinese cinema into other countries including India, we have successfully build the coordination loops between production company with international studios for generating a proper revenue. 



Theatrical Distribution 

Western Pacific Production will host the production for sell to master in best way, but its all depend on the quality of the product. We would prior review to movie by productions arrangement and then we will decide that we would be able to sell, or deal the film on domestic level, territory level or international level. Theatrical distribution is also depend on the promotional activities in domestic or international media and social media. its helps to convince the buyers or right takers to impress on product. 

We do have a leading studios around the world but it will only be process after reviewing by our team for verify the products theatrical ability.  

Film Festivals

if your film have made upon certain social, political community or gender base topic or picked up an message for social awareness , we have line up of bunch of film festival around the world. depend on how strong topic you chosen for awareness. A Film festival is a best option to explore your idea and its narration around the world through the Film Festivals, Each festivals have their own genre and criteria for submission. the buyers around the world gather and select the films for their territory. 

OTT Platforms / Online Rentals and Satellite Source

We have the OTT Sources for streaming your content in leading OTT platforms. Also after releasing the films in any theaters the producer is eligible to sell the rights in Right satellite for 5 years to balance the product investment or generated its extra revenue.  



Why we are into distribution?  

“Our mission is to give the possibility of world distribution platforms, in every media and market window, to nonviolent and high-quality films produced in different countries. We believe that producers often attend festivals in the hope that a distributor sees their film and picks it up. Why not avoid a number of steps so that the company behind the film festival also distributes the films creating a one stop shop?”


“We have been working to create this distribution Division since 2014 and we have very serious and concrete contacts with sub-distributors in every Continent.


The Division will take care of the promotional and distribution expenses for the films it represents and will keep a percentage of the income of the movies.


Producers and sub-distributors are now welcome to contact Western Pacific Production if they have completed films that are seeking distribution or, if they are looking for new content.

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