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Currently Under Production Process

Priest - Chapter 1

International Music Video Albums

Punjabi Music Video Album
6 Tracks
The Canadian Moment
English Music Video Album
6 Tracks

Up Coming Projects

The Maniac 3D

S-Cam 2016

The Whip Trilogy

This Trailer has made with Fresh Faces of Indian Cinema, The original making of the film is in pre production. 

Grast (2012)
This movie has been shot on real haunted location. Grast, marathi feature film with subtitle was released in Ghana in 2012 under the direction of very talented and creative filmmaker, Mr Prashant Passy Pilley and the film was nominated for direction, production and screenplay in Rhode Island Awards.

Grast 2012 

 Zero Valued Tv Show

The Maniac 2 : The Hell Is Back   

The Maple tale 2020 

The She Agent



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